Monday, 11 December 2017

Vague Terminology To Stifle Dissent.

         The term "extremist" is a very wide and vague expression, and can mean all things to all people. The state loves that sort of ambiguous terminology, it allows it to swoop on any form of dissent and place it in the "extremist" file. They will link terrorism with extremism, and interchange between them. You call for dramatic change to the way society is organised, and you can find yourself in the "extremist" category, and by word association, linked to terrorism. Anarchist are increasingly being placed in the "extremist/terrorist" bracket allowing the state to come down with the full force of its loaded judicial system. In so doing it hopes to stifle all dissenting voices, and create a population of submissive, subservient citizens. 
Naples, Italy – Repressive operation against FAI/FRI

         Naples prosecutor Catello Maresca, in charge of an investigation on subversive association linked to FAI/FRI, demanded that twenty anarchist comrades be arrested and the Centro Studi Libertari, the place of anarchist group Louise Michel, and the 76/A anarchist space to be shut down..
        As an investigating judge rejected the prosecutor’s demand, the latter has made appeal; this will be held on 14th December at the court of review in Naples.       
Anarchists from Naples.
via: croce nera anarchica


  1. Extremism has two poles that must be placed in relation to a fact. For example. Three people. One asks for help because she drowns. The second flees running from the place. The third one runs to help. The two people are extremists, but the extremism that guides them is not the same. I know that this is a simple idea, but it is good to keep it in mind when it comes to extremism. The extremism of the anarchist opposes the extremism of the capitalist ... fortunately!

  2. Extremist is a convenient blanket term kept vague deliberately so that it can wrap up all forms of dissent the establishment doesn't like. An ambiguous word where the meaning will be deliberately kept vague, allowing it to be used in any circumstances, they will build up terror connotations around the word so condemning all they paste the word on. Language is a tool that politicians misuse with expertise.