Saturday, 30 December 2017

The Virgin Vampire Of The NHS.

      While we sit in a cloud of illusions, and hear the false voices of the ruling parasite class, reassure us, that the "NHS is safe in their hands", silently, surreptitiously, it is being gobbled up by the vampires of the corporate world. Despite the phoney sickening syrup sounds falling from the mouth of the health secretary whose name sounds like a term that could be used to describe him, the Right Honourable Jeremy Hunt, is presiding over the wholesale privatising of the NHS.
        Vultures, vampires and parasites of the corporate world  are feasting on the inners of the NHS, with that self centred waste of space and tax dodger Branson leading the charge for plunder.
       From The Guardian:

       Richard Branson’s Virgin Care won a record £1bn of NHS contracts last year, as £3.1bn of health services were privatised despite a government pledge to reduce the proportion of care provided by private companies.
       Overall, private firms scooped 267 – almost 70% – of the 386 clinical contracts that were put out to tender in England during 2016-17, according to a new report. They included the seven highest value contracts, worth £2.43bn between them, and 13 of the 20 most lucrative tenders.
        The £3.1bn in contracts, a big rise on the previous year’s £2.4bn, prompted concern that profit-driven companies are increasingly involved in delivering care, in a development that undermines repeated assurances by the health secretary, Jeremy Hunt, that they play only a marginal role.
        Don't listen to what they say, watch what they do, our bunch of Right Honourable Gentlemen, speak with forked tongue. Not only do lots of the vampires of the corporate world who snatch large chunks of the NHS, avoid paying tax, but when the lose a contract to a public, or charitable body, the sue. How dare public bodies tender for health care contracts, don't they know that the philosophy from the Westminster Houses of Hypocrisy and Corruption is "privatise everything"?

        Virgin’s £1bn haul means it now has over 400 separate NHS contracts.
       Its growing role has prompted particular anger among anti-privatisation groups. It pays no tax in the UK and its ultimate parent company, Virgin Group Holdings Ltd, is based in the British Virgin Islands, a tax haven.
        In addition, it came under fire for suing six clinical commissioning groups (CCGs) in Surrey, NHS England and Surrey county council last year after losing an £82m contract for children’s services to a rival bid involving a local NHS trust and two social enterprises. A settlement of the action appears to have involved the six CCGs paying Virgin an undisclosed sum.
        It is naive in the extreme to believe that by lobbying those Right Honourable Gentlemen, that sit in those Westminster Houses of Hypocrisy and Corruption, to get them to "save our NHS" will reap any results what so ever. Most of them have friends, shares, contacts and possible future lucrative jobs in that self same privatised health care gravy train. Much better to start by closing down that cesspool of of pompous power and privilege, The Westminster Houses of Hypocrisy and Corruption, and set about dismantling the destructive, exploitative corrupt, greed driven system of capitalism. Any attempt at reforming or modifying this cancer on the planet is doomed to repeat the injustices, poverty, deprivation and wars of the present variant. Capitalism cannot be reformed.

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