Sunday, 17 December 2017

The Bellgrove Hotel, Five Stars For Degradation.

The Homeless.

Tenebrous spectres, they exist,     out there,
on the crumbling edge of chaos.
A father, a son, a brother,
a daughter, a sister, a mother.
Fragments of some shattered family structure;
waste products
from a society being driven to destruction
by a hurricane of greed
living a life that wears out life,
the devious death of exhaustion from existence.
        How we treat the vulnerable and the needy in this society challenges all sense of decency. The homeless can be shoved in any hovel or dismal infested hell-hole, if it makes money for its unscrupulous owners, it will survive, if they can't make money from their little venture, the the homeless are back on the streets. 
 The picture belies the interior horror. Photo by Nick Ponty.
        The Bellgrove Hotel, in Gallowgate Glasgow, is one such large establishment that houses homeless men. Over the years it has hit the headlines for all the wrong reasons, and is once again in the news, It is claimed that the owners of this festering disease incubator, Stuart Gray and his cousin Alison Barr, have received the tidy little sum of £1.5 million in housing benefit, in gratitude from the state.
       The latest scandal to hit the headlines is the fact that several of the men being housed in that garbage can have contracted  Group A streptococcal infections, also known as a flesh eating disease.  
         FRESH calls to shut down a notorious Scottish homeless hostel have been made following fears that residents have been put at risk of contracting a deadly flesh-eating disease. NHS Scotland confirmed that four residents of the privately-run Bellgrove Hotel, which houses almost 140 homeless men in Glasgow have been treated for Group A streptococcal infections, which can cause mild symptoms but in vulnerable drug users can infect wounds and lead to fatal conditions including infections of the blood and necrotising fasciitis (flesh-eating disease).
        Homeless people are mired in a range of complicated problems, all of which require compassion, a variety of specialised care, and a safe place to lay their head, however in this society they are at the mercy of money making dens, a handful of caring individuals, charities, or the streets. This country has enough resources to end this criminal act of using the vulnerable as a money making unit, but chooses not to, by dogmatic ideology. A homeless person is a human being, and as such should be treated as one, with dignity, compassion and equality. this society fails on all fronts. As long as we tolerate this greed driven capitalist system, individuals will find themselves at the mercy of hell-holes like the Bellgrove Hotel, while the owners lap up the money with impunity. 


  1. "The Queen will be given £369m of public money to carry out a 10-year refurbishment of Buckingham Palace."

  2. Then there is the refurbishment of the Westminster House of Hypocrisy and Corruption, cost to the public purse £3.5 billion, and you and I know, that the corporate Mafia tasked with the job will once the job is near completion will inevitably come with cap in hand stating that the cost has risen. After all it is only public money, so they feel entitled to plunder the purse.