Saturday, 2 December 2017

Deaths From Criminal Gambling Casinos.


        "Austerity", a word that the West has come to live with for almost a decade now. Those in the gilded cage of privilege and power weave an illusion round the word, slipping it in as, "balancing the books", "living within your means" or "getting the economy back on its feet", all of which is hogwash and cod-swill. It is actually the public banded about word that replaces the use of the truth, that it is an ideological plank for the rich and powerful to recoup their gambling loses, by plundering the ordinary people of this world. 
       The system by which the quality of our lives depend is one large gambling casino, where the rich and powerful shuffle trillions of dollars around the various gambling tables within the casino. These are called stock markets, hedge funds, and financial investment funds, and other such fanciful names. Of course they don't sit up all night bleary eyed personally shuffling their ill-gotten gains, they have financial institutions that do all that for them. From this casino, unlike the ones that the more pleb like individuals frequent, they make vast amounts of money from this casino. Periodically the system goes wrong and the lose big time. That's when "austerity" comes in, they have got to get their money back, unlike you when you leave  gambling casino with empty pockets. Since their system is bust, the only place left to rip-off is the public purse.
        So what "austerity" really means slashing money from public services. We are brain washed into accepting that there is no money, so all social service have to be cut, savings have to be made, efficiency cuts have to be administered, but we always have enough money for wars. What the word "austerity" translates into is poverty and deprivation for the many, death to many others and endless wars.  "Austerity" is a crime, it is not a victimless crime, people die from the direct results of "austerity". Recent studies by Oxford and Cambridge Universities and the University of London, have revealed the staggering cost in human life by the obnoxious word "austerity".

This from World Socialist Web Site, thanks for the link Loam: 
       A joint report by Oxford and Cambridge Universities and the University of London (UCL) finds that savage cuts to the UK National Health Service (NHS) and Social Care provision could result in nearly 200,000 “excess” deaths by the end of 2020 in England.
“The effects of health and social care spending constraints on mortality in England: a time trend analysis,” published in the British Medical Journal, BMJOpen, estimates 45,000 extra deaths have occurred between 2009 and 2014 and predicts a further 152,141 deaths from 2015 to 2020—a staggering 100 a day.
The research links increasing mortality rates to the cuts to health and social care spending, first begun under a Labour government, then continued by successive Conservative governments to pay for the £1 trillion bailout of the banks after the 2008 global financial collapse.
“From 2001 to 2010,” it states, “the absolute number of deaths in England decreased by an average of 0.77% per year. From 2011 to 2014, the number of deaths increased by an average of 0.87% per year.”

       "Austerity" is a crime carried out deliberately, by people, fully aware of the consequences on other people, it is not the result of some natural law, though the rich and powerful would like you think it was. Those imposing, administering, and enforcing the policies necessary for their "austerity" recouping plan are criminals in every sense of the word. However, it is only the people that can bring them to justice by bring down the the whole festering cancer that is the gambling casino, and that can only be down if we bring down capitalism the greed driven system that feeds the casino.
       For more damning figures that flow from the criminal act of "austerity" read the full article HERE:

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