Wednesday, 21 November 2018

All States Have Blood On Their Hands.

      State violence against legitimate and peaceful marches is not the prerogative of right-wing fascist governments. All the so called representative democracies have blood on their hands. Protesters have been shot on the streets of UK mainland and Northern Ireland. It is the states answer to dissent.
     Members of the government in Greece proudly wear the badge of socialist and communist, but willing send their over armed thugs onto the street in an attempt to intimidate those citizens who go on peaceful marches or wish to show dissent. The state can't tolerate any form of dissent, it is seen as a threat to their power and control.
This from Perseus999:

 Published on Nov 17, 2018

         Athens: On 17 November 2018, following the annual protest in commemoration of the student revolt against the military dictatorship in Athens, Greece, (1973), and despite the fact that this year's protest was ending in an absolutely peaceful manner, scores of riot policemen encircled the black block just before it was going to disperse and for no apparent reason, no provocation, no excuse, no justification, they suddenly launched a massive attack and charged against the crowd with batons while firing asphyxiating gas grenades and flash-bang grenades, creating chaos in a residential area of central Athens, just outside Ambelokipoi metro station. This video serves as a reminder that this is what democracy looks like, ie. you don't have to provoke the State or the police to get attacked, wounded, gassed, arrested, intimidated and persecuted. The State and the police will judge you solely on the basis of your political or ideological beliefs. Some people argue that scenes like these are evident of a fascist State and not a democratic one, in spite of the fact that attacks like these take place all over the world in almost every democratic State that exists on the planet, by both left or right wing governments. The government of SYRIZA in Greece is a left one, the vast majority of its politicians or members call themselves socialists or communists and yet you see scenes of ruthless violence by their policemen that are identical to what happens to States ruled by right wing governments. They are not even afraid that people will make a connection between the commemoration of a crushed bloody student rebellion by a military junta and the brutal attack against a protest by policemen armed and dressed like soldiers on the same day years later. The common denominator is power. No Gods, No Masters. Video from a similar riot police attack exaclty on the same day (17 November 2017) in the same street last year:
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