Saturday, 24 November 2018

Glasgow's Anti-Racism March 2018.

      Saturday 24th. November saw Glasgow's annual anti-racism march. Despite Glasgow's cold November weather, in excess of 1,500 individuals turned up to march from Glasgow Green, through the city streets proclaiming their view that we are all human and each and every one of us deserves respect and to be treated decently. 
            As usual there was a motley crew with various banners and flags, groups, unions and individuals, all with the same message, "refugees are welcome here". It might have been a sedate march through our streets, but it is important, especially at this time of rising far-right and fascist tendencies. that we keep that message on the streets. We have to make it very clear, the citizens of Glasgow will not tolerate racism in any shape or form. We win and protect our freedom by protecting the freedom of others. Well done Glasgow, and a big thank you to all those who took part.
       Though I couldn't make the event myself, a comrade sent me some details with these photos. Thanks Keith.

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