Wednesday, 21 November 2018

A War Only We The People Can End.

          For centuries vast swaths of the working class have been subservient under the illusion that their problems can be solved by relying on organisations and political parties external to their own class. For too long solving our problems has been theorised and delegated to groups with tenuous, fragile and sometimes fictional, connections to our class, who claim to have our interests at heart, with the only result possible, we lose control of those struggles, and our problems remain.
           The solving of the problems of our class can only be achieved by basing all our strategies on a class based structure, with all the working class involved in an active struggle.
            History tells us that the lines are drawn between the working class and the establishment, and all those organisations outside our class, no matter their proclamations, in the final battle will capitulate to the power of the state to preserve their position and their organisation. There is a war going on, continuously, and world wide, and it is waged by a class of powerful established states and corporations, against the ordinary people, the dispossessed, the working class. There is no middle ground, to believe there is, is to allow inequality and exploitation to continue.
        To win that better world for all, we have to see and recognise that battle line, the line between the classes, and take our stand united on our side of the battle line. We are involve in a war, if we fail to recognise its class structure, it is a war we can never win. To the ordinary people of this world, there can be only one war, the class war.
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