Monday, 19 November 2018

Writers For Miners Glasgow.

      In 1984 During the miners strike a group of writers, artists, poets, got together at the Third Eye Centre, now the CCA, and did a benefit performance in support of the striking miners. The audio file was preserved and with the artists permission Spirit of Revolt created a new CD. Now we have the privilege of hearing some of the original performers again as they gather for this memorable performances. You can also buy the CD at the performance (£5), or order from Spirit of Revolt. All benefits go to supporting Spirit of Revolt in its continuing effort at archiving Glasgow/Clydeside working class history.
      A night to remember, Music, Poetry and Politics! A collaboration between thi wurd, Artists-in-Soidarity and Spirit of Revolt.


James Kelman
Paula Larkin
Tom Leonard
Liz Lochead
Ewan McVicar
Alan McMunigall
Aonghas MacNeacail
Peter Nardini
Nancy Nicolson
Rab Noakes
Donald Saunders
Gerda Stephenson
Allan Tall
Scottish Solidarity with Kurdistan

Stalls: IWW, SoR, thi wurd

       Tickets at door. £5:00 or £10 including CD of original performance. Just 9 days to go---- November 28th!!!
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