Monday, 12 November 2018

Gaza, The Israeli State's Extermination Camp.

       Gaza, it can no longer be called an open prison, it has now been changed, by the Israeli government, into an extermination camp. Deaths and maiming are a daily occurrence, and those whose bodies have not been ravaged by Israeli sniper fire, live a life of utter deprivation, with suicides increasing at an alarming rate. All of this is by deliberate government policy, with the results being well known to the vicious racist state of Israel and the rest of the so called civilised states.
     If a so called civilised world can stand by and see this happening, and not only do nothing, but continue to arm and support the responsible state, then they are complicit in this mass murder and maiming, just as if the had their troops involved in this barbaric state genocide.
     Gaza, a strip of land approximately seven miles by two at its widest part, is home to over 2 million Palestinians. They are penned in by the Israeli military, penned in under appalling conditions of over crowding, poverty and deprivation, with electricity just a few hours a day, a shortage of clean water, no work, a health service that depends on the Israeli authorities allowing medical volunteers through their strict check points. 
      In this small over crowded strip of land, since March this year, 220 Palestinians have been shot dead by Israeli military, more than 24,000 causalities, more than 5,000 shot with high velocity gunfire, hundreds of them requiring amputation.
      You will search hard to find another small strip of the planet where so many human beings are being systematically brutalised and exterminated by deliberate state policy, and we see the cabal of Western states turn their backs and look the other way, in the name of "security" and profit.
       A must read article that goes some way to highlighting this 21st. century state genocide, from the Independent,

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