Thursday, 8 November 2018

Artists In Solidarity.

       Spirit of Revolt's next big event is a special one, in conjunction with thi wurd. It is formed round an event that took place in 1984, in support of the miners strike, by Artists-in-Solidarity, and was called "Writers for Miners". It took place in what was then The Third Eye Centre, now the CCA, Centre for Contemporary Art. It involved a considerable number of well know singers, song writers, musicians, writers and poets, some who sadly are no longer with us. The audio files of the event survived and with the effort of writer James Kelman, the surviving members have been contacted and agreed to have the files made into a CD and use it as a fund raiser for Spirit of Revolt. most of those involved in the original event and who are still doing there thing, have agreed to come and perform on the night of the CD launch. The CD has 21 tracks, and no matter your interest, I'm sure you will recognise most of the artists.
       This will be an opportunity to come and enjoy a rich and varied event with some of the best know musicians/artist/writers/poets from our area. The words of some of the poets who are no longer with us, will be read by members of thi wurd.
        It will be held in:
     Mono, Kings Court, Glasgow, on November 28th. 2018.
All funds raised will go to support Spirit of Revolt, archives of dissent.

Music Poetry and Politics! 

A collaboration between thi wurd, Artists-in-Soidarity and Spirit of Revolt.


James Kelman
Paula Larkin
Tom Leonard
Liz Lochead
Ewan McVicar
Alan McMunigall
Aonghas MacNeacail
Peter Nardini
Nancy Nicolson
Rab Noakes
Donald Saunders
Gerda Stephenson
Allan Tall
Scottish Solidarity with Kurdistan

Stalls:   IWW,  Spirit of Revoltthi wurd.
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