Tuesday, 15 February 2011


         Before millionaire spiv Cameron's mystic vision of the “Big Society” (Oh Lord, not another Blair visionary ), we had libraries, we had swimming pools, we had nurseries, we had support groups for the vulnerable, we had the National Health Service and much more. It wasn't perfect by a long chalk but we had them and there was the possibility of improving matters, not any more. Now we have a “Big Society” bank, with assets of £200m to replace cuts of £5 billion and the “Big Society” bank will be lending out money at commercial rates. Wow, just think of the wonderful “Big Society” all that will produce. What the “Big Society” really means is a society based on everything being owned by big business and for those who can't afford the necessities of life there will be charities. These charities will be dependent on the good nature of our corporate capitalists “philanthropists”, who no doubt from time to time, to look good or to get a tax break or a contract, will donate some of their ill gotten, unearned wealth to those, so deserving poor. Is this the “Big Society” that you voted for? Is this how you see yourself, depending on some pompous parasite to drop you a few crumbs to see you through your hard times, which no doubt they will proclaim is really your own fault? Run to the ballot box and this is what you get, messianic Blair hell bent on a crusade of the brutal extermination of a people, or a mystic visionary millionaire Cameron, fawning to his millionaire friends.

     Where is our imagination, surely we can come up with a better plan than this devious smoke and mirrors of the “Big Society”. Do we need a bunch of millionaire parasites bleeding us dry as they suck up most of the wealth that we produce? Is deprivation and exploitation the only way we can think? We can create a society based on the needs of all those in that society, but we have to get rid of this gang of blood sucking parasites that sit with their grubby hands on the power levers manipulating everything to their personal benefit and to hell with the rest of you.

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