Saturday, 12 February 2011


         In this system some things never change, that's why I keep repeating, workers know your history. Today we are facing school closures, among other things, and we are having government blaming councils and councils blaming government. To those who know their history it is as if  we had run the video back. It is a cycle that keeps comimg round, sometimes it is little attacks on the working class and sometimes, like now, it is savage, vicious and brutal attacks that decimate our conditions. Conditions that we, as a class, have fought long and hard to wrestle from this corrupt and unjust system. It seems that we never win them, we get them and the system continually tries to take them back to enhance the wealth of the parasites that run this country, the millionaire's club. We should know by now that we can't modify or reform the system for very long, it soon reverts to its, "grab everything for the corporate world" strategy. We have to destroy the greed system of capitalism, sending it to the dustbin of history and create a society founded on mutual aid. We can create a needs based society based on co-operation and sustainability that will see to the needs of all our people, a system free from the profit motive and free from the grip of the pampered shareholding parasites that at this moment in time is setting about destroying the future of our children and grandchildren,    

        To make the point about, these attacks being nothing new, the little cartoon is from a Glasgopw free sheet dated May 1996, but it could just as well have been drawn this week about today's events. Workers, know your history. Otherwise we will be able to use this little cartoon in 15 years time.

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