Tuesday, 22 February 2011


      Massive demonstrations for over a week, municipal buildings occupied, spreading to other areas??? You've read it in the papers, saw it on the telly, sorry, no you haven't. I'm not talking about the Middle East, I'm referring to that land of the free, land opportunity, the good ol' US of A. Though these events don't seem to register on the Western media radar.
      It is happening in the state of Wisconsin where they are facing draconian cuts and on top of that the Governor is trying to pass legislation that would abolish collective bargaining for all public sector workers. The workers have not taken it lying down, there have been demonstrations of 70,000+ and they have continued for approximately a week, the municipal building has been occupied and the demonstrations are spreading to other states, read more details HERE. However you will have to look hard and long to find it reported on our “open and fair” media. After all, they don't want to convey the idea that there is unrest here in the West, oh dear no, everything is fine here, we are the model for the rest of the world.
      The cuts and the legislation that is causing the anger among the ordinary people over in America, is exactly what is going on here and in most of the developed world. Not only is the very fabric of our society being decimated to safeguard the financial sector, allowing them to seize all public assets, but they are doing their damnedest to introduce legislation to hamstring the workers from fighting back. It is only a few weeks since we had the Institute of Directors over here spouting the same venom, namely that all collective bargaining should be abolished within the public sector.
      Though the focus is on the Middle East, and I agree, their problems are massive and in most cases, a matter of life and death, that doesn't mean that people in the rest of the world are satisfied with the system. In fact there is growing disgust and anger at the continual siphoning up of all the wealth to a pampered parasitical elite, while at the same time seeing what living standards we have being shredded to protect that pampered elite. Make no mistake, the parasites want even more, and are making a grab for all the public assets that can turn a profit.
       Most of us are living under a government that is putting in place legislation that nobody mandated them to carry out. We have a right to take to the streets and remove those who usurp the will of the people in favour of their millionaire friends. We have a government of parasites legislating to enhance the wealth and power of the parasites.
      A unified resistance to this corporate fascism is required, not a piecemeal, in our own back yard type of response. The attack is on the working class across the globe, the least we can do is to hit back with a pan-European attack on this system of greed and exploitation, while at the same time supporting in what ever way we can all those in other areas who are rising up against injustice and oppression.

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