Thursday, 17 February 2011


      With the millionaire cabal riding roughshod over the benefits system and with their grand plans to get practically all those on disability benefit, off benefit and back to work, it is important that those who will be affected should have as much information and support as possible. This shredding of the benefits system will be particularly worrying to those with physical/mental health problems, apart from the worry there is the problem of trying to find your way through the complicated and legal jargon in which the various forms are written. It is also important the those facing these examinations, never go alone, know what to do, how the points system works and what are their rights.
      It is with this in mind that this site is posting the following information. It is hoped that anyone reading this will circulate it as widely as possible. If you know of somebody who may be facing an examination or other benefit's problems, please direct them to this information or print out and give them a hard copy of relevant information.
      The following site has lots of information that will prove to be invaluable to those involved in this distressing situation.

Also information that was posted recently on this site;
ann arky's home.

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