Saturday, 19 February 2011


       As we struggle through our daily grind most seem not to be fully aware of the impact of the cuts being implemented by the public school millionaire thugs. Aware or unaware we can be sure the results will be somewhere between horrendous and apocalyptic, with the public sector employees taking the brunt of this assault, though all the ordinary people will feel the pain.

       All the debate on the media is about how to cut, where to cut and by how much to cut. Nobody is talking about cause, blame, pay-back. The so called “financial collapse”, was predictable and was caused by the greed of the financial centre as they blew a great big housing bubble and aided and abetted by government and bankers gorged on it until it burst. The rewarded themselves, by grabbing massive slices of the mortgage revenue in the form of absurdly large salaries, loan shark commissions and those stratospheric “performance bonuses”. When the pot went dry and their scam collapsed they simple held out the begging bowl and the government, with tax payers money, duly obliged. Groups of individuals were culpable and gained immensely from their greed, but who is being held to account? Nobody, it is expected that the ordinary individual will take the hit, so as to protect the lavish lifestyles of the perpetrators of this giant scam. The very fabric of our society will be shredded, unemployment will soar, what savings the ordinary person thought they had in the value of their home will drop dramatically. Meanwhile the financial Mafia will continue to laugh all the way to the bank. The ordinary people of this country did not cause the “collapse” (mess) they are the victims, but then again, this is capitalism, and that is the way that the system is meant to work. You work all your life, they live off your back. Get used to it, or change it forever.

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