Monday, 28 February 2011


        As Gaddafi kills his own people in a last grasp at power, Obama, Cameron et al demand he stops killing the protesters and steps down, and nobody can complain about that. Of course it is not the people that they are concerned for, but the price of oil. This becomes obvious as we look at a country not a protesters stone's throw way in another part of the Middle East. A country where protesters have taken to the streets and the leader of that country orders a crack down on the protesters, and at least 29 are killed, without a murmur of complaint from the Obama/Cameron duo. Why, well because the killer in this case is the West's puppet in Iraq, namely Maliki. You see, if we put him there, then he must be a good man killing bad guys. In the hypocritical set up of Western politics, the last thing they want is to see is the people of Iraq take control of their own country. After all we have just spent a lot of time and blood setting up a pro-Western puppet government, the last thing we want is for the Iraqi people to be in charge of their country. So all protests in that country must be bad and have to be put down with whatever force it takes. Power, oil and profits first, people and democracy somewhere down the list. The system of corporate capitalism with its various governments prepared to use their military might to increase those sacred principles of power, oil and profits, will never work for the benefit of all our people. In the eyes of the corporate developed world, people are dispensable. However, we know that it is the corporate world that is dispensable and the people can create a world of mutual aid, based on the needs of all our people, founded on peace, co-operation and sustainability. The only question is WHEN.
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