Friday, 3 June 2011


     It is difficult to find out what is really going on in Spain at the moment. The mainstream media, as usual tells us about uprisings in far away places, but never too much about unrest right here in the EU. So ann arky is appealling to blog readers who have any first hand information of what is happening in Madrid, Barcalona and Bibao to send in your account. One such account came in from a friend, "our man in Spain", it is brief but still welcome.
      It is only by communicating across borders that we can learn from each other and know what other resitance groups are doing and how best to support each other. The working class has no borders, no country, we are trans-global.

    "Really frustrating not being able to catch up much on what's going on in Madrid and Barcelona and to a lesser extent Bilbao. I suppose you saw what happened when they tried to evict people in Barcelona. From what they've told me in Bilbao there's a bit of everything but there does seem to be a genuine belief in a horizontal form of organising which, let's face it, is the only way any resistance movement has a chance of getting anywhere. Something positive and creative certainly seems to be taking shape. Time will tell but the signs are encouraging. Don't really know if the PSE lost votes to the PP in the recent regional government elections or people simply didn't bother voting for them or voted for some of the small progressive parties."

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