Wednesday, 8 June 2011


   Like it or not, the workers of the world are in revolt. Across the globe there are protests, demonstrations and strikes. All of them are one in the same thing, part of the same struggle, people fighting against an exploitive system that comes down hard on any opposition, People fighting to maintain what standard of living they have or fighting to have their rights recognised. The corporate system we live under is nothing less than corporate fascism and will do all in its power to ensure that the true voice of the people will not be heard. The desires and aspirations of the people are an anathema to this system of dog eat dog and to hell with the hindmost.

      We in Europe, in the past, have tended to see our struggle as somehow different from the struggle of people in developing countries. Now we recognise that the system of corporate capitalism is a globe system of exploitation and our struggle against this exploitation has to be on a global scale if we are to gain the initiative. Strikers here need the support of ordinary people across the globe just as striking workers in the developing world need our support. To fight a global system we need to be global. With this in mind please take a few minutes to send your support to these striking workers in Botswana.

      100,000 striking public sector workers in Botswana need our help.
The strike started on 18 April and since then the government has dismissed hundreds of workers, detained union leaders, and carried out acts of violence and intimidation targeting unions.

     We've been asked by PSI, the global union federation for public sector workers, to send thousands of messages of protest to Botswana's government.

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