Thursday, 16 June 2011


I have the hope that the day will dawn
when the Idea will conquer brutal force;
that after the struggle and the lingering travail,
another voice, more sonorous, happier than mine
shall know then how to sing the triumphant hymn.

 Jose Rizal, “Mi Retiro” (22 October 1895)

      The long suffering public sector workers are at last coming together in defence of their conditions. Having to face a full frontal assault on their jobs, pensions and living standards by the millionaire public school thugs, they have joined hands and called a strike for June 30. We have to realise that this is not their fight alone, all our living standards are under attack. Our social services are to be decimated to save money, to hand to the bond markets and the banks. Our public assets are to be sold off, to give the money to the bond markets and the banks. Ask yourself, how does this help the ordinary people of this country? Lower wages, work longer, less jobs, a privatised health service, an education system deprived of resources and no public facilities, everything corporate owned, is this a society that will benefit you and I? This is where we are going, unless we organise and unite to stop this advance of corporate fascism.

      On June 30, we must all show our solidarity with the strikers. Those not on strike should have a wee sickie, none of us should go anywhere near a business, buy nothing on that day, pay no bills. Let's make it a day of no commerce what so ever, hit them where it hurts, in their money. If you are not on the streets supporting the strikers then get on your bike, paint the shed, take the kids for a walk, read a book, visit your granny, you could even try and write your memoirs, but don't spend money in any shape or form. You can survive a day without spending a penny, literally, not figuratively.

       This should only be the first phase of a struggle to take society out of the control of the millionaire bankers and bond markets. The first step in turning society in a different direction, to change society away from the corporate towards a needs based society, built on justice and mutual aid. Strikes by themselves will achieve little, we have to have the desire to change the basic structure of a society that has failed the people time and time again. The present structure of society is based on greed and profit and only benefits the millionaire corporate class, asking them, “please sir can I have some more” is not the answer. If we want a decent world for our kids and grand kids, we, the ordinary people have to build it now. If not, our kids will be faced with another June 30 in an attempt to protect their meagre living standards and this June 30 will have been a waste of time.

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