Friday, 3 June 2011


      Behind closed doors and long into the night they met. Then the announcement, Greece and its EU partners have agreed a deal to loan Greece more money. You would think that for the people of Greece that would be a good thing, after all the country is strapped for cash and the people are suffering.

      However this money will not go to make the lives of the Greek people any better, on the contrary, they will have to suffer more pain because of this loan. They will have to face higher taxes, cuts in services, and lower wages, add to that the fact that they will have to sell off all their assets to the corporate world, who at the moment are hovering over Greece like the proverbial vultures. You see, this money isn't really for the Greek people, it is to save the gambling casinos of the world, (the banks and bond markets) from suffering the effects of their excessive greedy gambles that went wrong.

     Over the last few years the banks and bond markets gambled like crazy and it all went wrong and they are virtually bust. So how do they save themselves? Why by getting the taxpayers of the world to fund their losses. The governments of the EU and across the world will slash the standard of living of all the people and the money saved can go to pay off the gamblers debts. Then those same governments will sell off all our public assets to their friends in the corporate greed machine and that should just about save the parasites in the banking and bond markets from losing too much of their unearned cash.

Why should we want to change things??
     Who devised such a wonderful scheme, if you have billions to play with and you lose, no problem, just take the people's money and let them grovel in misery, while you get back to playing with your billions. Oh when will we ever learn????

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