Sunday, 5 June 2011


     Well it is time for another wee page from the Teapot Collective Introduction to Anarchy, enjoy page 12. You can look back at page 11 HERE.

     ---and forests grow again.
      But this is silly utopia, and anarchists are hopeless indealistic dreamers who must be totally miserable when confronted with reality.
      Actually no. Anarchists have a vision of what life could be like, but we try to live it in the here and now, in many different ways.
     This society is quite blatantly showing its flaws. Many people are pissed off with the way things are run, from ecological destruction to the misery and monotony of everyday life. You have to spend most of your time working your arse off for someone you probably don't like or something you don't care about and then struggle to pay bills while being pressured to buy more consumer crap.  It is also difficult to build up friendships, when there is a general air of mistrust, deceit, and society's based upon the motto, 'you have to fuck people over to survive'.
      Many will not swallow all the lies anymore and also see the futility of voting. But a general mood of cycicism and apathy has been created.
      We want people to get past this. Let's talk about our dreams and desires.
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