Wednesday, 1 June 2011


     The Western mainstream media is filled with the uprisings in the Middle East and North Africa, however that is not the only places that the ordinary people are in revolt against this exploitive system. At this moment in time, people in countries all over the world trying to bring a halt the injustices of the capitalist system, trying to change the world for the benefit of all. In the South American continent, across Europe, America, and Asia, people are in revolt against their lives being controlled by the plundering parasites of the corporate world. The following is a little information of the struggle taking place in Japan.
     Through the medium of instant communications, solidarity across the globe is now possible, can the global uprising be close at hand?


Sent: Mon, 30 May, 2011 18:16:34
Subject: Doro-Chiba Quake Report

Dear Friends,
                  Japanese Kan administration launched series of outrageous oppression: one is a bloody crackdown on Kan-Nama (Solidarity Union of Japan Construction and Transport Workers Kansai Area Branch), the western stronghold of labor movement, arresting 13 union officials and members on May 11, and the other is a unprecedented outrageous oppression on Sanrizuka farmers (Sanrizuka-Shibayama United Opposition League against the Airport Construction) arresting 50 farmers and supporters in the Tokyo High Court building on May 20.

This is a video of the mass arrest taken from the pavement of the High Court Building:

The crackdowns express profound fear of the ruling class that these pivotal labor and farmer movement are joining together the mounting anger of workers, farmers, fishers and other inhabitants in the quake-stricken areas who are suffering from the disasters and radioactive exposure.

Rise up to crush violent crackdowns together! The united power of working class and people alone can create future! Stop mass layoff of one million under the pretext of the huge quake! Abolish nuclear plants by the power of international solidarity!

Please forward this Newsletter as widely as possible and send protest messages to the Japanese Government:

In Solidarity, 
International Labor Solidarity Committee of Doro-Chiba

ann arky's home.

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