Thursday, 30 June 2011


       Next up is page 14 of the Teapot Collective Introduction to Anarchy, This is the last page, the next part is about the Teapot Collective and some suggested further reading. You can read page 13 HERE.

By the hundreds of thousands peasants organised in the MST ("Movement of the Landless") in Brazil are squatting land to live and work collectively. In the LA riots a few years ago, the poor revolted, looting and making their communities no-go areas for the authorities. In 1994, theZapatistas liberated many villages in Chiapas, Mexico, and their struggle against free trade agreements which had disasterous effects on the large peasant population has become international with the Encuentros, gatherings of groups and individuals from all over the world fighting corporate powers.

       But anarchy is also about small-scale resistance, about individuals refusing standards, ignoring authority and joining up to improve their lives. Everyday, we can experiment with and learn ways of dealing with each other without leaders or domination, with mutual respect, building the world we want now - in our relationships, our interactions and our resistance. 

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