Tuesday, 13 September 2011


        I have just listened to a new release by a group called Beltaine's Fire, this is their third album and has 14 tracks and is called ANARCHITECTURE. It goes under the heading of Anarchist Jazz/funk folk-rap with Celtic roots. Though the music is not my style, I found the lyrics excellent and in some cases inspiring. Some of the lyrics manage to express the disgust and loathing most folks have for the job they need to do just to earn their crust of bread, the deep resentment at continually having to accept a servile role in a pointless society of consumption, where all we seem to do is make an elite bunch of parasites richer. The album is priced at $8 and I think it is well worth a visit to their site. They claim, "this is what revolution sounds like" see what you think.

It's crime & punishment, rhyme & reason
and when we fight back, they call it treason
So I say what I mean, mean what I say
our future's been stolen so I live for today
crime, punishment, rhyme, reason
burnin up inside but outside - freezin'
balanced on a wire like 10 miles high
desperately tryin' to remember how to fly

most ya'll ain't prepared for the truth I spit
I fight back like Warsaw while ya'll walk into Auschwitz
ya'll think I'm the one who's crazy?!! What's your malfunction?!
Understand where we stand, we're at history's junction
consumption can't save you, you can't fill the hole
put your coupons away, they won't save your soul
ya'll so indoctrinated, can't even tell what's right
addicted, conflicted, conscripted to fight
crusades and wars as they treat us like whores
and when we fight back they control us with force
sensational tv violence desensitizes
so that when it's real no one realizes
or understands the impact of culture combat
distressed, dissociated, can't even contact
our own histories, long memory gone
so we don't know who we are or where we've come from
     You can listen to Anarchitecture online as streaming mp3s
and read all the lyrics at
http://beltainesfire.bandcamp.com/album/anarchitecture -
No download required.

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