Wednesday, 21 September 2011


           The powers that be, tend to criticise hoodies and those who cover their faces at demonstrations marches etc. claiming that if you have nothing to hide, then why cover your face. Of course you and I know that when it comes from the mouths of the state apparatus, they never practice what they preach. It is one set of rules for you and I, and another for them and their minders.

          Well it is much the same with the austerity cuts, you've all heard the the Cameron, Osborne millionaires mantra, “We are all in this together”, or Nick the Clegg's message spewed out at the recent Liberal Conference, “We are all facing hard, very hard, times ahead.” These type of statements coming from the mouths of a cabinet that has 23 millionaires, speaking to people on minimum wage, on benefit, lousy pensions and facing horrendous winter fuel bills, Yea man, we are all in this together, my arse.

"We're all in this together boy."

          When will we wake up to the fact that we are being taken for a bunch of mugs by a group of crooks and liars? Nothing they say or do will in any way benefit us the ordinary people, their crap about “managing the economy” is all about saving the wanker bankers and doing their damnedest to cover the loses of their millionaire friends in the financial sector after their greed feast. They know who their friends are!!!

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