Thursday, 8 September 2011


Stop the racist EDL/SDL this Saturday
            "They shall not pass" was a slogan from the fight against fascism in Spain during the 1930's, however it has come right up to date with our plans to stop organised racists and fascists from coming to Edinburgh City Centre on 10 September.
           Despite being banned and unwanted by the people of Edinburgh, we know that the Scottish and English Defence Leagues are still organising on a large scale to come here. We urgently need you to join the Unite Against Fascism (UAF) protest to make it as big as possible.
           We will rally at The Mound, 11 am this Saturday, 10 September (speakers below). We have route agreed with the police and the council and we will march along Princes Street to a secondary rally area beside the Wellington Statue within sight of the SDL on Regent Rd. We need everyone, bring family and friends, to demonstrate that the majority of people reject their message of race hate and to say "they shall not pass" into the city centre of Edinburgh.
Please consider bringing your own placards.
Speakers include:
Dave Moxham - STUC, Colin Keir MSP, Malcolm Chisholm MSP, Robin Parker -President NUS Scotland , Graham Smith - Unison NEC, Councillor Gordon Munro - Leith Ward, Simon Assaf -UAF National office.
Also supported by Edinburgh Trade Union Council & Edinburgh Council Unison.
Leaflets for the day (two sided) can be downloaded from
More information:

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