Thursday, 29 September 2011


         Occupy LA begins this Saturday Oct 1st! We are Occupying LA in solidarity with Occupy Wall St. (A Peaceful Occupation)
Starting at 10:00am in Pershing Square, marching to City Hall Map Join Us - Bring a sleeping bag, food, supplies, friends!

         The Middle East protests are applauded by the West, protests have been spreading across Europe and now we have them in New York and Los Angelos, could this be the start of something big? I can't wait to hear the Western media ring out the praises of all those brave people facing the wrath of the state machinery. I don't expect anybody to be shot in the West, just pepper sprayed, roughed-up, beaten and arrested, perhaps a few tasered. However, the West is not totally innocent in the field of bring troops on to the streets to handle unrest, Liverpool and Glasgow can testify to that.

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