Wednesday, 28 September 2011


        As usual the American government is speaking in its customary duplicitous manner. Its mouthpiece Obama, spouts crap regarding the various and many dictators in the Middle East condemning their repression of peaceful protests, calling for restraint, while selling them the arms and equipment to carry out that repression. At this moment in time the state of Bahrain, with the aid of Saudi troops, is trying to crush any protesters that have the courage to criticise the corrupt and brutal regime. So what does our freedom, peace loving Obama administration do? Well naturally, it does what it always does, it wags its finger with a tut-tut-tut and the proceeds to sell them the necessary equipment to crush the protester. While protesters die on the streets of Bahrain, the US Department of Defence is now preparing to sell $53 million worth of armoured Humvees and missiles to the brutal dictatorship of Bahrain. Well in capitalism, business is business and people are dispensable.

        We know we can't take the words that come from the mouths of those nasty dictators in those strange foreign lands that the West is always trying to bomb into democracy, but is there any statement that we can take at face value when it drips out the mouth of any one of those Western corporate stooges that we call the political class?

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