Saturday, 11 August 2012


       It seems only natural that since Greece, (for the moment, others are to follow.)  is at the sharp end of the financial Mafia's onslaught on the social fabric of that part of society where we the ordinary people live, that they should be calling for a conference/discussion on where to go from here. It is important that we realise that this is not a Greek problem, it is the same ongoing struggle of people verses capital that has been waged since the advent of capitalism. Capital has devastated lives across the globe for centuries, but never on such a wide scale and never with such savage brutality. Today it is determined to install wide spread poverty and deprivation across the continent, in an endeavour to recoup the billions that it gambled and lost. As the  dissatisfaction grows among the ordinary people, so the opportunities arise to change the entire economic system under which we have suffered for centuries.

We are standing on a crossroad, where we were led by an on going long procedure during the last three years. The riot of 2008 was followed by an open public discussion in the squares of greek cities, where a huge part of greek society showed an active participation. Before the riot of December 2008 the state devaluated life by murdering a 15 year old boy (Alexandros Grigoropoulos), while during the summer of 2011 life devaluated the state by breathing free and fresh air in the squares, without and against the state’s authority.
The idea of direct democracy came in public discussion and managed to crack once and for all the “wall” of representation. The path is now open, but the question still remains, who is going to walk this path?
The topics of this festival deal with
the update of the meaning of direct democracy he presentation and networking of the new projects of a social and solidarious economy that [...]
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