Friday, 31 August 2012


       It is the normal procedure for that babbling brook of bullshit, the media and state propaganda, (usually the same thing) to tie together fundamentalists, terrorist groups and anarchists in the one category. It makes it easier to demonise any activity against the state apparatus. It also creates confusion among the general public, who in all probability know little or nothing about anarchist history, philosophy or actions.

        Obviously, it is their underlying ideology and their latent populist appeal which is feared by the state and its media. And, maybe, someday, anarchists will actually pose a serious threat to the oppressive authoritarian systems in place. But, until then, especially for the moment, lets at least be honest about who anarchists really are and what threats they actually present. Most anarchists in the U.S., for better or worse, are primarily concerned with starting sustainable farms, feeding the hungry, and speaking out against war. They are interested in going to book fairs, protecting the environment, and working on their blogs.  And these are the same anarchists who will probably be the first to go when the purges start.
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