Wednesday, 22 August 2012


     All the figures that come out regarding this economic system make it blatantly obvious that it does not work in the interest of the majority of the people. Yet millions still accept it as if it was the only game in town. We the ordinary people are continually told austerity is the only answer and we have to accept this harsh reality, so that we can have pie in the sky in the years after 2020, perhaps. As we suffer wage cuts/freezes, unemployment, and a destruction of our social society, the millionaire cabal that run this gambling casino and hand out this need for austerity, move further and further into the stratospheric realms of opulence.
     Recent figures show that the average pay package of a FTSE 100 chief executive, for the year 2011 reached £3 million. This translates into an average annual increase of 8.5%. Compare this with the national average pay increase of the ordinary workers, which works out at 1.6%, well below half the rate of inflation.
     You would imagine that with the FTSE 100 chief executives claiming all that loot and that massive increase in salary, they must have done their job very well. However, during the same year, 2011, the FTSE 100 fell by 6.5%, leaving all those sweaty handed investors much worse off, is that payment by results?
    Of course it doesn't stop there, new research indicates a boardroom pay explosion has taken place at the beginning of this year. Yes, it is true, austerity is the way to prosperity. However it is our austerity that paves they way for the parasites' prosperity
      Surely it is the realms of insanity to continue with an economic system that grinds the vast majority of the population into a pit of deprivation, while throwing unimaginable wealth at a handful of parasites. The wealth that has been accumulated in this country over the years, all created by the labour of the ordinary people, is more than sufficient to see to the needs of all our people. The resources are there, it is this ludicrous greed driven system of economics that makes sure that all that wealth goes to the few and it translates into power for that few, over the rest of us. Another world is possible.

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