Tuesday, 14 August 2012


        As reported earlier the Greek government is showing its fascist credentials, but they are not alone. France's new smiling "socialist" leader is forging ahead to prove to the financial Mafia that he too has the right fascist credentials to do business with them. French riot police are smashing Gypsy camps and rounding up the inhabitants to be deported.

Photo from Lansbury's Lido.

      Meanwhile in Italy the Italian fascist government is about to evict a 14 year squat that has been a social/venue/advice/drop-in centre for thousands over the years. The media has always claimed that the millions of ordinary people who shed their blood in WW2 did so to rid Europe of fascism and here we are in 2012 and the ugly beast of fascism is very much alive and growing, right here on the killing fields of WW2.

Eviction threat for the Villa Vegan Squat, Milano
In mid-July, 2012, patrols of the carabinieri appeared at the residences of two inhabitants of the Villa Vegan Squat in Milano, to deliver “closure of the investigation” papers related to the occupation of the Squat. The Villa Vegan is an anarchist vegan space that has existed for the past 14 years, serving as a venue for countless events, benefit concerts, mobilizations and ongoing debates and dialogues over many aspects of antiauthoritarian struggle and resistance. The space and its inhabitants have supported feminist and anticapitalist struggles, animal and earth liberation, prison abolition, opposition to the CIE (detention centers for immigrants), anti-civilization movements, and resistance to all forms of repression. The Villa has also operated as an DIY community resource with a bicycle workshop, rehearsal space and recording room, and served as a locus for other forms of underground and non-market cultural production.
For 14 years this place has been the crossroads for many comrades from all over the world, and its walls have reverberated with the energy of all those who have passed through or stayed a while, exchanging political experiences, sharing affection, and building affinity on an international level. In short, the making of politics.
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