Friday, 24 August 2012


      The powers that be in today's world are always sounding dire warnings of terrorists and the horror they are intent on inflicting on us. I have no doubt that there are, out there, groups of fanatics who will create mayhem for their cause. However, no matter the size of the "terrorist" organisation, none of them are in the big league.  When it comes to REAL terror, there is one organisation that can and has has outstripped them all.
    It is odd that people should accept the state, even although history tells us that, despite its vociferous and strenuous propaganda to the contrary, the state is the longest running, most experienced, most skilled, most copious purveyors in that ancient and intricate art of terror, in the long and tortured history of man. From the internal terrorist organisations of "national security", to the external exploits of the state's terrorism of war. The state, without a shadow of doubt, has the highest record of death and destruction of any organisation on the planet. There is nothing in man's history that can compare to the overwhelming destruction of the state.
      Ever since the first government was formed, terror has been an accepted weapon for keeping the people in line. Never for the benefit of the people in the line, but for those few who wish to keep them there. The few rule the many and since it is against the interests of the many, the few need the weapon of terror to protect their little profitable cabal and keep them in power. It would therefore seem obvious that if we wish to free ourselves from the the ever present anticipation and results of terror, we have to first and foremost get rid of the greatest source of terror, the state, and its mouthpiece, government.

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