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There Is No Glory In Blood Letting.

     Across the country there are groups organising to stop the Cameron millionaire cabal from taking what was a bloody imperial land grab, known as World War 1, in which at least 15 million people, almost entirely drawn from the working class, were killed, and turning it into a spectacle, where our duplicitous dignitaries stand under flags, lauding it as a war for democracy. We can't allow the deaths of over 15 million people to be demeaned by this vulgar garish lie. Before, during or after the slaughter, democracy was never on their agenda, nor did it arrive after the blood letting was over. Those who did come back from that hell on earth, came back to abject poverty and unemployment. The truth of that indictment against the powers that be, must be shouted from the roof tops. It was a clash of greed driven empires, a battle between aristocrats where they threw the people against each other to grab as much territory as possible. The cost in lives was of no consequences, it stopped because they were running out of bodies to throw. The aristocrats and empire builders do not know the meaning of democracy, and would never engage in any struggle that might bring it about.

Campaign Against Glorification of World War One

Campaign Against Glorification of World War One

     In 2014, Stop the War, No Glory and a range of peace organisations are organising meetings, debates and cultural events to mark the First World War centenary.
     We oppose the attempt by David Cameron, Michael Gove and others to use the centenary to "celebrate" a slaughter that killed 15 million people as a "just" and "noble" cause.
      Here is our calendar of events organized by Stop the War and other organisations. The latest events will be updated on the Stop the War web site. Full details of each event can be obtained by clicking on the links below.
Wandsworth: How should we remember WW1?
17 March 2014
Wandsworth Stop the War
SOAS London: WW1 debate
17 March 2014
SOAS Stop the War
Cardiff: WW1: Was it a war for democracy?
20 March 2014
Cardiff Stop the War
Newcastle: The Real History of WW1
20 March 2014
Newcastle Stop the War
Bristol: WW1: Was it a war for democracy?
27 March 2014
Bristol groups
The Great Debate: How Should We Remember World War One?
03 April 2014
London Stop the War
Portsmouth: Carving Up the Globe - the Real Causes of WW1
09 April 2014
Portsmouth Stop the War
Somerset No Glory in War
22 April 2014
South Somerset Peace Group
London WW1 Cultural Event
30 April 2014
North London Stop the War
St Albans WW1 Debate
12 May 2014
St Albans Stop the War
Cold Stars Lighting... First World War Poetry Readings
15 May 2014
London No Glory in War
Nottingham CND: WW1 Debate
29 May 2014
Nottingham CND
Frome: Oh! What A Lovely War!
09 July 2014
Frome Stop the War
No Glory in War Folk Night
18 July 2014
London: No Glory
Manchester Peace Conference: Peace History Lecture: No Glory
20 September 2014
Manchester Peace Conference
World War 1914 - What are the lessons for World Peace 2014?
16 October 2014
Bath UN Association

If you would like help setting up a debate or cultural event in your area, please telephone 020 7561 4830 or reply to this e-mail.
      Please consider joining a group in your area, or starting one, to stop this using the dead as a propaganda exercise to glorify the war mongers and power freaks. 
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  1. Democracy has ended up being the understatement of the empire to the neoliberal capitalism.