Friday, 30 May 2014

Barcelona Is Bubbling.

     The Can Vies, was an abandoned building in Sants district of Barcelona, owned by the city's transport authority, it was occupied in 1997 by young people as a protest against the lack of public facilities in this mainly working class area. It remained a squat and social centre since then until last week, when the authorities decided to evict the occupants.
       What has followed has been three continuous nights of rioting, that has spread to other districts and pushed the authorities to bring the full force of their repressive regime to bear on the protesters.
       Of course our babbling brook of bullshit the mainstream media, has not give it much cover, they never like to show people fighting back against any Western authority.
      Spain, like Greece, is at the forefront of the Financial Mafia's looting attack, as the greed merchants attempt to plunder all public assets in rapid fashion. However, what the Financial Mafia should think on is, that when you have everything stolen from you, you have nothing to lose by fighting back. We should watch and prepare as the plundering is going on in all our countries, it is just at  a different pace, but the end result will be the same, poverty and deprivation for us, and unbridled wealth for the few, unless----
An extract from Anarchist News:
       If the chronicles of the recent events in Barcelona have turned into summaries and the summaries grow shorter, this does not reflect a diminishing of activity, but the contrary.
      During the day, conversations among friends repeated what was more or less insurrectionary common sense: today is the key day. A riot continuing from one day to the next was unprecedented in Barcelona since the end of the dictatorship. Now, if it could continue for a third day, it would have the chance to expand. Otherwise, calm would be restored until the major protest convened for Saturday, politics as usual with or without riots.
       Until nightfall, normality reigned, although people across the city were discussing the events. In the evening, people gathered in many different neighborhoods. In Nou Barris, a potentially rebellious proletarian zone, a strong police presence prevented the gathering. In Sant Andreu, a gathering blocked a major avenue with burning dumpsters. Most other neighborhoods went to Sants, probably making things easier for the police to contain, but giving many first-time or unexperienced participants who did not yet feel prepared to take over their neighborhoods a chance to win street experience.---
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