Monday, 26 May 2014

Faslane Peace Camp, A Diary Date.

     A date for your diary, 4 days of workshops, fun and direct action hosted by the Faslane Peace Camp, June 12th. Lend your support to 32 years of continuous resistance to nuclear weapons.

        Faslane Peace Camp is a permanent peace camp sited alongside Faslane Naval base in Argyll and Bute, Scotland. It is a reminder of the horror that nestles in our beautiful countryside, a beacon highlighting the insanity of the system under which we live. Thanks to an army of dedicated peace lovers, it has been occupied continuously, in a few different locations, since 12 June 1982.

        The camp has changed over the years, morphing according to the number and personalities of those occupying the site. At one point there were two camps, one at each of the main gates of the nuclear base.
      A few years ago, after council border changes, the new council ended the camp's tenancy. An eviction was organised, but in the face of strong resistance and what would be large costs, they abandoned the eviction.

      Over the years the camp residents have breached the security of the nuclear base and been swimming and canoeing in its waters, as well as disrupting the transporting of trident nuclear missiles. They also run workshops and other events to keep the issue of the illegality of these weapons of mass destruction, in the public domain, and the insanity of storing of them so close to a large city, Glasgow.

     The 12th of June will see the Peace Camp hosting 4 days of workshops, fun and direct action. This is to mark 32 years of continuous resistance to the insanity of nuclear weapons. Accommodation will be available and there will be evening entertainment.
       This event is open to the public and you are invited to come along and help run, organise, workshops and make suggestions, make friends and strengthen the resistance to this horror on our doorstep. 

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