Thursday, 15 May 2014

Ukraine For The Ukrainians.

       Obama, mouthpiece for Western corporate power, aided and abetted by our own bunch of rabid pups, the Cameron cabal, are ratching up their rhetoric, in an attempt to prepare us for a blood bath in Ukraine, as they want a slice of that unfortunate country. Meanwhile the Russian imperialists are manoeuvring and manipulating to see that they are not outdone in this corporate land grab. Both empires are prepared to sacrifice the blood of the people of Ukraine and the blood of their own citizens to satisfy their power lust. It could be 1914, when the greed of imperialism dragged Europe into the bloodiest era of its existence, all for power and wealth for that psychopathic parasitic scum, that sits on our shoulders like a caked scab, the so called "elite".
      Millions took to the streets to try to stop the illegal invasion of Iraq, we should be prepared to take to the streets again to stop this re-make of that horror story, "The 1914 Land Grab".  


Ukraine Crisis - Public Meetings in Scotland
       Ukraine is at the brink of war. It is being pulled apart by imperialist forces, from the East Russian forces and from the West NATO, the EU and the USA.
       SACC is one of the co-sponsors of a series of public meetings being held in Scotland with Zakhar Popovych from the Ukrainian Left Opposition. Zakhar Popovych will give an eye witness account of recent developments and offer a left analysis of events so far. Obviously Zakhar Popovych cannot represent the full range of left opinion in Ukraine, but we hope these meetings will contribute to a better understanding of the Ukraine crisis and will stimulate debate.
Please invite your friends and help to make these meetings a success
Fri 16 May - Eyewitness report from Ukraine (Dundee)
7.30pm, Queen's Hotel, Nethergate, Dundee DD1 4DU
Sat 17 May - Eyewitness report from Ukraine (Edinburgh)
4-6pm, Augustine United Church, George IV Bridge, Edinburgh, EH1 1EL
Sun 18 May - Eyewitness report from Ukraine (Glasgow)
2pm, Jurys Inn, 80 Jamaica Street, Glasgow G1 4QG
More about the Ukraine Crisis
Zakhar Popovitch speaking in London (video, 12 March 2014) 
No UK troops for Nato's Ukraine war games - Statement from the Stop the War Coalition (23 April 2014) 
A view on the Ukraine crisis from Scotland by Paul O'Hanlon (10 May 2014) 
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