Saturday, 10 May 2014

Two Rats From The Same Sewer.

       Two rats from the same sewer, finance and arms dealers, both are central to the festering abscess that is capitalism. They both feed each other, with death and misery being the result. The corporate financial Mafia are the driving force behind the "austerity" ideology that is responsible for the rapid declining living standards of the ordinary people everywhere. The arm industry, with the help of the financial mafia, the banks, feed the thugs, such as NATO, that create mayhem, death and destruction across the planet, in an attempt to protect the interests of their lords and masters, the corporate world.
       The ordinary people gain nothing from neither, but pay in blood and sweat to fatten the coffers of these, surplus to requirements parasites. Anything that can be done to highlight the true nature of their business and turn the public against them can't be bad.
 This from Act For freedom Now:
--------A local anarchist and member of the Stop NATO Cymru campaign group said: “We took part in the May Day march to draw attention to the struggles of workers all over the world against exploitation and violent oppression which is exacerbated by arms producers here in the UK.
       We targeted Barclays because it’s a major investor in Exelis Inc. the parent company of the EDO Corporation which is guilty of mass-producing arms to sell to oppressive regimes, exacerbating violent conflict and suppressing legitimate protest. Barclays Global Investors UK Holdings Ltd has 5,059,591 shares in Exelis and Barclays PLC has 63,071 shares.
       We entered the branch after leaving the May Day march and refused to leave until we had made an impact. Within half-an-hour the management decided to close, depriving the company of a busy Saturday afternoon’s profit through direct action. We sent our message to the public by plastering the front of the building with stickers which gave details of Barclays’ guilt and sent a clear message to the company that we won’t tolerate money from our communities being used to fund war.”-------
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