Friday, 16 May 2014

We Are All The Little Tramps.

      We have had eras of this and that, monarchies, dictators, so called representative democracy, all the same as far as the ordinary person is concerned, a group of thieving parasites at the top, bleeding to death the majority at the bottom. Well we can bring about a new era, the era of the ordinary person, where the majority all benefit from the fruits of their combined labour, and for once in our history, free from parasites. The wee man's speech has a lot going for it, especially on the anniversary of that imperialist led blood bath of the ordinary people in 1914.

First Published on Apr 27, 2014
        In February 1914, in a time of economic turmoil and international conflict, Charlie Chaplin walked onto screens for the very first time as the beloved Little Tramp character. 100 years later, with homelessness on the rise, massive cuts to social security, and an uncaring government trying desperately to drag the country to war once more, Jack Brindelli and friends consider what the Tramp's legacy can teach us in modern times.

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