Sunday, 4 May 2014

Glasgow's May Day Photos.

        Sunday, May 4th, saw Glasgow's  (sanctioned) May Day parade march off from George Square, though there was a constant drizzle, the spirits were high. It was as usual, colourful and good humoured, with lots of great banners. Though it could be said it was a good turnout, it was a sad reflection of past May Day parades, not so long ago, that ended up in Glasgow Green with tents, stalls, things for the kids, a really family affair. It now seems that the powers that be want it over as quickly as possible, with a quick march through the centre of town, into a hall, get them off the streets and out of sight, have some bigwigs make a few speeches, then go home and forget about it all. That's not what it is really all about, perhaps next year we will get back to it being a celebration for all the family, re-newing old friendships, a remembering our struggles of the past, honouring our working class heroes, and furthering our cause of a better world for all. It should also be a mark of our resistance to this continued exploitation of the ordinary people. Well that's my personal May Day rant. Enjoy: 

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