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The Brutality Of The Israeli State.

      Every time you look at what is happening in the Israeli occupied Palestinian territories, you never fail to be shocked at what is happening to the Palestinian people. It is hard to believe that you are reading about the 21st century and hard to believe that the rest of the world not only tolerates this treatment but in many cases condones this barbarity.
        I recently read the report of the Palestinian lawyer who after being released from an Israeli prison, hanged himself in his bedroom. One can only imagine the horrors that drove this quiet rational family man to take his own life. 
 Photo shows Amjad Safadi sitting on couch holding two small girls
     On the morning of 29 April, Amjad Safadi’s wife left their Jerusalem home for work. A little after 8am, Amjad’s younger brother Samer arrived to escort him to a court hearing. As he opened the door to his room, Samer found that Amjad had hanged himself.
     The shocking death of the 39-year-old lawyer and father of two girls came five days after his release from the notorious underground Russian Compound detention center — known in Arabic as the Moskobiyeh — in Jerusalem.
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     The number of Palestinians imprisoned by the Israeli authorities is out of all proportion to the Palestinian population. It is estimated that since 1967, over 650,000 Palestinians have been imprisoned, this accounts for approximately 20% of the population and 40% of the male population. Recent estimates of how many are in prison put the figure at around 6,800, including members of the Palestinian legislative council. Minors are not exempt from this brutality, recent figures put the number of minors imprisoned as over 200, with 29 below the age of 16.
     This is 21st. Century Israel lashing out 19th century treatment to a subjugated people, while the so called civilised world looks the other way.
     Children are often taken suddenly from their homes, often in the middle of the night, with soldiers surrounding the house and then raiding it. Soldiers usually do not have a warrant for arrest or searches. For example, in July of 2010, an unusually heavy number of Israeli soldiers (in 12 jeeps) entered the outskirts of the village to arrest a local youth, 17 year old Ahmad Abed Al-Fatah Burnat, without giving any reason. Ahmad was taken by jeep to Ofer military prison located outside Ramallah. Prisoners in Ofer, especially young boys, are kept in harsh conditions with the intention of pressuring them to give information about other Palestinians. Many are denied food and water for extended periods of time and exposed to extreme cold or heat.
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