Friday, 14 August 2015

No Nations, No Borders.

      That babbling brook of bullshit, the mainstream media, fed by xenophobic politicians, is raising to a crescendo the ant-migrant chorus. They talk of our cities being swamped, by swarms and dangerous hordes, all hell bent on stealing our jobs and destroying our "Britishness". They refuse to see human beings trying desperately to flee from death and destruction, their answer is to herd them into corrals like cattle and call for more controls, higher fences more police and troops. Nor will they face the fact that the migrant "problem" stems from the foreign policy of Western imperialism in the area from which the migrants come. Their mind set seems to be that they can bomb countries back to the stone age, bolster religious nutters and psychopathic warlords, turning the ruined cities into bloody battlefields, and then expect the ordinary people to stay there and suffer everything from deprivation to death. We all strive for a better life, but we the ordinary people will only find that through co-operation and solidarity with all those involved in that struggle. Our enemy is not those desperately fighting for that better life, our enemy is the state apparatus and its imperialism that creates all that which we are fighting against.

Note from Rabble: It seems barely a day goes by that we can avoid the fascistic anti-migrant bullshit in the press. The time is now. We have to start seriously preparing for rising xenophobia and more movement of people as multiple crises converge. This means: zero-tolerance for anti-migrant snatch squads, countering the propaganda on the streets, and building strong transnational solidarity.
       If you want to support the struggle in Calais but would like a better understanding of what’s really going on, get yourself down to one of these upcoming infonights.
       The latest news from Calais: More than 4000 people, stuck in a camp they didn’t choose to be in, desperately trying to find ways to cross to the UK, with 11 people dying so far since June. The government’s response: more controls. The media’s response: fear mongering at the ‘criminal gangs intimidating truck drivers’. Our response: solidarity.
      We are a bunch of people who have been involved in Calais Migrant Solidarity and have recently returned from Calais. During August we will be travelling around the UK talking about Calais and how to get involved there.
Confirmed dates so far:
LARC, London – Saturday 15th Aug @ 1:30pm
Cowley Club Brighton – Sunday 16th August @ 4pm
Next to Nowhere, Liverpool – 19th August at 7pm
1 in 12 Club Bradford – Thursday 20th August @ 6pm
Earth 1st Summer Gathering – Sunday 23rd August
Glasgow (TBC)
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