Saturday, 1 August 2015

The Cull On The Disabled Continues.

       MAXIMUS, the Latin word for “greatest” or “largest”, greatest or largest what? When applied to Maximus, the company that has taken over the Work Capability contract from ATOS, then it probably means the greatest or largest piece of shit ever to land on our shores. ATOS was responsible for carrying out the governments attack on the disabled by means of the Work Capability Assessment, until they had to withdraw due to the bad publicity brought to the public's notice by the determined group of people who formed the “Anti-ATOS” campaign. ATOS has gone, but the savagery of the Work Capability Assessment still ravages the vulnerable, most needy and disabled in our society. The new executioner of the government's cull of the disabled is Maximus, a company that has been found guilty of massive fraud against the US government, disability, race and gender discrimination, and forced to pay out millions of dollars in compensation for botched IT projects, and the cream on its cake, fined for improper expense claims. 
       The government obviously doesn't care about the competence or track record of the company they put in charge of this assault on the disabled. What matters to our millionaire cabal in the Westminster House of Hypocrisy and Corruption, is that their chosen hit-men will ruthlessly carry out their dictate, and at the lowest possible price.
      Maximus must be driven out of this contract just like their predecessor ATOS, the Work Capability Assessment must be made unworkable, the disabled must be treated with compassion, dignity and justice, this will not happen under the watch of Maximus. 
        There is a dedicated group who turn up outside the offices of Maximus on the last Friday of every month (except holidays) to voice their opposition to this inhumane indignity of our disabled. They need our support and solidarity. If you have any time please show up on the last Friday of every month, between 12:30pm and 2:00pm, stay for a while, show your revulsion at a system humiliates and traumatises the disabled, in the name profit for Maximus and austerity.
Outside the offices of Maximus.
Corunna House
29 Cadogan Street,
Glasgow G2 7RD.

A 5 minute walk from Central Station, can be reached by buses 1, 21, 43.
There is disabled parking, but sadly no wheelchair accessibility.
Solidarity is our weapon of victory. 
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