Tuesday, 11 August 2015

The Financial Mafia Put The Boot In.

     It looks like the Greek "bailout" will go ahead, and the people of Greece will be in hawk to the financial Mafia to the tune of €86 billion. Not that the people will see much of this money, about 80% of it will find its way, very quickly, back to the bond holders behind the ECB, (European Central Bank), but what the people of Greece will see, is another massive drop in their standard of living, coming from increased taxes, lower pensions,  a higher retiring age, higher VAT, and a relaxing of health and safety conditions and other working conditions, plus a squeeze on wages. They are also expected to stand by and see €50 billion of their public assets sold off at rock bottom prices, to the corporate buddies of the financial Mafia, within the next couple of years. This is the Financial Mafia putting the boot in on the people of Greece, and the national government can go to hell in a hand cart.
     The bailout will not solve Greece's debt problem, most economic "experts" agree on this, most agree that it is unsustainable, no matter if there is another bailout after this one. What it will do, is syphon more public money up to the financial parasites who will bleed country after country dry, see the people of those countries descend into deprivation, with never a compassionate look in their direction. To them people are units to be used for profit and nothing else. 

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