Tuesday, 11 August 2015

Sqatter Homeless Autonomy.

        A bit late with this, but better late than never. From Squatter Homeless Autonomy   for more details:--fb.com/squatterhomelessautonomy 
       If you are in or around the area, it might be worth a wee visit. Could be fun, could be interesting, could be informative, could be all three, why not pop in and see.

Squatters & Homeless Autonomy (SHA) are hosting five days of talks, workshops, skill-shares & socials this week in a central London squatted space. So far, events include:

Monday 10th, 6pm: Street Resistance
       In our age of state and fascist violence, self-defence is a necessity. Join Monday’s street resistance session, including muay thai and dirty boxing, to develop confidence, technique and composure. Communal vegan food and film afterwards!

Tuesday 11th, 7pm: Talk on Class Stigma, by Lisa Mckenzie
       Join Class War’s Lisa Mckenzie for a talk and discussion on ‘class stigma': the false identities, such as ‘chav’, ‘scrounger’ or ‘thief’, and the anti-working class beliefs they create.

Wednesday 12th, 4pm: Bike Clinic & Culturefuck Cinema
       Tired of bland, commodified, hyper-Westernised culture? Fuck that! Join our culturefuck cinema night, sure to melt your mind. Leave cultural assumptions at home! Also come along to the free bike clinic for all your carbon-free, bike-punx needs.

Thursday 13th, 7pm: Stop TTIP and ‘Infiltration in our Movements’
        On Day 4 of Regeneration, activists from StopTTIP UK will be talking on the looming future of corporate “free trade” agreements and how we can combat it, and Green and Black Cross will be speaking on the state of police infiltration in our movements.

Events will take place at 67 Guildford St., just off Russell Square Further events and location to be confirmed over at SHA’s Arsebook page.
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