Friday, 7 August 2015

Resistance Is A Duty.

      Is this getting organised, or just making a noise? We have to do something, or we will end up living in a totally privatised world, with the corporate bosses in full control. Though they are not that far off that position today. Under such a sustained attack on the ordinary people of this country, resistance on all fronts, is a duty, solidarity is our weapon for victory.
This from The People's Assembly:

        Just three weeks since we launched the call for a week long protest & festival against the The Conservative Party Conference and we've been overwhelmed by the support from the public, organisations & campaigns. These events now have massive potential and it’s time to spread the excitement.  The Tories think they can take over Manchester from 4-7 October. They want to dominate the headlines with their politics of austerity, with their plans to further rip apart the welfare state. Let’s stop this from happening!
      The People's Assembly, alongside unions, campaigns and local groups, is co-ordinating a national week of action in Manchester throughout their conference. All day, everyday, that they are there, we will be too. Coaches and transport is being organised from across the country. We are appealing to as many people as possible to take off a couple of days from work and stay for as much of the activity as you can.
      Events will include a national demonstration (Sunday 4 October), meetings on topics including: Privatisation, Save our NHS, Climate Change, Education, TTIP, Europe, alternatives to austerity. Plus theatre performances, workshops, direct action, People's Cinema, comedy, music, flash mobs, tent cities & more...
Participants throughout the week include:
      Jeremy Corbyn MP, Frankie Boyle, Charlotte Church, Sam Fairbairn, Frances O'Grady, Len McCluskey, Mark Serwotka, Julie Hesmondhalgh, Owen Jones, John Hillary, Terry Christian, Sam Duckworth, Kate Marlow, Mark McGowan, Kevin Maguire, Francesca Martinez, Mark Steel, Jeremy Hardy, Dave Ward, Sara Pascoe, David Walker (Bishop of Manchester), Lindsey German...and more to be announced!
       The People's Assembly will be providing cheap accommodation for a couple of quid a night. This won't be glamorous . As it stands we are booking a large sports centre in the evenings where people can sleep. Toilets & shower facilities will be available and we're in discussions with organisations about providing discounted food for those staying over. You'll need to bring a sleeping bag and camping mat. We'll organise somewhere to store bags and belongings during the day. Full details and booking will be available in the next couple of weeks. Alternatively you can book yourself into hostels or hotels. Click here for local hostels We'll keep you updated with all arrangements.  
      Keep checking the People's Assembly website for updates about what coaches have been booked, where they are picking up from and when.   
Let’s get organised!!
The People's Assembly Against Austerity
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  1. "Everyone in line! You all belong to the Mega-Corporation!" We will hear the megaphone of the police-drone.

    Do not let that happen!