Monday, 31 August 2015

You Can't Be Governed And Be Free.

       Still in prison for being the partner of a prisoner, that's the justice from the Greek "left" wing Syriza government. They continue to lock up people in a prison system that is in a state of collapse, and condemned by the EU, while ignoring a prison hospital system that is inhumane, dangerous. The ugly face of state power cannot be hidden by sticking a new label on the front door. It is still an apparatus for power and control, not a vehicle for liberation. Liberation comes when the state, the nation, and all borders, are destroyed, and replaced by communities based on mutual aid, co-operation, free association, sustainability and the needs of the people.
Greek prison hospital where disease and death are bred
This from Anarchist News:
     Note: Evi Statiri is the partner of Conspiracy of Cells of Fire member Gerasimos Tsakalos. She was arrested on March 2, 2015 under accusation of participating in a 'terrorist' group, for allegedly being involved in an escape plan by the imprisoned CCF members. After her arrest, CCF members went on hunger strike to the death, demanding the release of their family members. After 31 days of hunger strike, with some strikers approaching death, the left wing management agreed to their demands. However, after months of waiting, Evi remains in prison.
Inter Arma received and translated:
      On September 3, the Judicial Council is going to decide on the extension of the pre-trial detention of Evi Statiri.
       In the context of the nationwide call for action and solidarity which has been organized by comrades for the 2nd of September, we invite all anarchist individualities, direct action cells and comrades to sabotage normality and to destroy the clock of power. To brake the silence with counter-info actions (posters, flyers, banners, slogans) and to end the immobility of passivity with actions and sabotage.
      On September 2, let us challenge the world of organized apathy with hostile gestures of insubordination.
individualities tending towards chaos
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  1. You Can't Be Governed And Be Free
    Is true. And you you stop obeying when you understand it.