Monday, 10 August 2015

Where Does All The Money Go???

      We are all somewhat confused by the plundering and shuffling of assets by the financial Mafia, we know we are being ripped-off, we know that it was a deliberate ploy to save all the members of that financial Mafia from going bust from their gambling addiction. However, it is such a complex ponzi system that at times we just shake our head and walk away. However, we shouldn't, our living conditions are at stake, the longer this plundering by the financial Mafia goes on the lower our living condition sink, while the wealth continues to syphon upwards. Hospitals and other public assets, will be sold off to keep the ponzi banking system afloat, it is happening now and it will continue until we the people stop the rip-off and bring down the system.

      This a rather long video, but well worth viewing to the end, pity about the adverts.


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