Tuesday, 3 January 2017

A New Year's Thought.


Under the yoke of servitude we dragged our existence forward
For generations have fertilised the earth with our blood
Oiled the machinery of wealth with our sweat
We have produce bountiful harvests
A mountain of luxury
All we know is
persecution pain and poverty
Struggle laced with bitter anguish
Our hands have fashioned a pleasure palace
Feasts abundance frivolity and a sea of fetishes
For a merciless army that feeds on selfishness and greed
And although we dwell under the shadow of hell
We shall never relinquish our precious dreams
In our hearts we nurture a better future
A softer world for all our children
Where poverty's claws
And war's ire
One day
Our righteous anger
Will smoulder and rumble
And cause the old world to tremble
Before exploding in a blast of social justice
We the people will storm the gates of an earthly heaven,
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1 comment:

  1. The shape of the poem, like an hourglass, matches perfectly with its essence.