Thursday, 26 January 2017

Growing Economy, Growing Poverty,

       That babbling cabal that infests the Westminster Houses of Hypocrisy and Corruption, are continually telling us that we are living in the fastest growing economy in Europe. They trumpet, employment is up, unemployment is down, wages are rising, and we should all be feeling yippedy doda and be extremely grateful. All smoke and mirrors, all illusion and lies. That “fastest growing economy” is not based on making things and exporting, it is made up of consumerism and ever growing personal debt, hardly an economic success story.
       What does this “fastest growing economy” look like to you and I? Well let’s look at children, The number of children in absolute poverty has increased by 0.5 million since 2010. At present nine children in a class of 30, will be living in poverty. Of course the babbling cabal are always making adjustment to taxes and benefits, supposed to be for our benefit, but according to the Institute for Fiscal Studies, as a direct result of tax and benefit decisions made since 2010, the number of children in relative poverty will have risen from 2.3 to 3.6 million by 2020. Our babbling cabal of the money class, will always spout, “get a job you lazy poor and that will sort everything out”, well not so, Two-thirds (66 per cent) of children growing up in poverty live in a family where at least one member works.
       Let’s look at homelessness, during the period 2014- 2016 the number of those accepted by councils, (England) as homeless rose by 6%, while for the same period, those housed in temporary accommodation (England) rose by 23%. Sadly, and shockingly, those at the bottom of that poverty/homelessness crime, those sleeping rough, saw a massive increase 16% from 2015 to 2016(England).
        These are the facts on the ground, in the real world where you and I live, a million miles away from that babbling cabal of money, greed and privilege. While you and I struggle to get a decent living, they on the other hand, spend their time waffling and babbling in endless pointless circles, making sure nothing changes. Their main purpose is to make sure the wealth and the power remains securely in their hands. Ah, the wonders of capitalism. 
Endless Babble.
 The questions arise, why war and hunger?
Why does poverty continue to linger?
Why such need in a world of wealth?
Why put a price on a child's health?
Confused and angry the public stand
gazing in disbelief at this pathetic band.
Those shiny politicians designed by spin
their street credibility paper thin
the great persuaders looking the mood
struggling so hard just for our good!!
Masters of the art of wheeling and dealing
exceptional experts at legal stealing.
Enter the media, drowning us all in trivial text,
everything you need know
of scandal and sport, crime and sex.
Together they create a world of confusion
all fashion and style, a vicious illusion.
So no matter how often we point at need,
we always drown in a sea of greed,
no debate entered into, no answers found,
the waffle the babble goes round and round.

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